Yes, believe it or not, there's an Apache clan. It was started in MHFU, but the original members quit, so I'm trying to revive it in MH3. What Apache's rules are:

1: Be respectful to fellow hunters.

2: Don't curse often.

3: HR 31+ allowed

Initiation will be of my choosing, but based off of what you prefer. Advised you put Apache Clan somewhere in your profile. Let me tell you what we're looking for:

Ailment specialist (I'm one)

SA expert

LS expert

GS expert

Bowgunners welcome

Lance expert (I'm one)

What we normally hunt:


Double Hunts

More Deviljho

Maybe Alatreon

Even more Deviljho

Whatever we feel like hunting

Did I mention Deviljho? XD

Anyway, I hope to see some people interested. I'd love for my pride and joy of MHFU to come back in Tri. And its not those girls in Gypceros and Kirin armor... although that'd be nice.

ACL Scorpion

Current Members & ranks

Scorpion: Leader

John: Co-cheif

titan: Commander

Hoohah: Lieuteniant

regrah: Commander

Talos: Leiutenant

FlippyX: Commander

That's all I remember.

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