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RUMOR: Monster Hunter Tri G at TGS

Hey guys! I originally posted this on Capcom-Unity, though my thread got locked because of degenerates.

There seems to be another rumor concerning MH going around, this time it is about Monster Hunter Tri G. I basically just copied and pasted it for those who wanted to read it.

A few pre-TGS rumors have surfaced, but they have a bit of extra credibility compared to the average speculation. Why? Well, although the rumors are a few months old, some of them have actually been proven accurate already.

For instance, Rhythm Thnief R: Emperor Napoleon’s Legacy was just confirmed in Famitsu today, but the rumor originated back in July.

Here’s the rumor checklist as it stands now:

[ ] 4 Warriors of Light 2, 3DS [ ] Monster Hunter Tri G, 3DS [ ] Miku Hatsune (SD style), 3DS [ ] New Shining game using Valkyria systems and characters from Shining Hearts, PSP [x] Sega has a Layton-like game but with rhythm instead of puzzles, to be announced at TGS. [ ] Bayonetta 2 is in development and is planned for release at the same time as a theatrical Bayonetta CG movie. [ ] Vita launch later this year, Monster Hunter 3rd HD will be at TGS to be a launch title. [ ] DQ10 is being designed as an MMO-like game.


Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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