For those who want MHP3 in the west, here is a new petition that you guys can support. It's posted on Capcom-Unity

For those of you who can't click on the link for some reason.

"Believe it or not, it's almost been a year since Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was released in Japan! Since that time, there have been numerous rumors about a release date of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Unfortunately, all we know is that Capcom is considering it. Sony's "technical problems" have made localization difficult, so we have to stoke the fires.

It's time to push them over the edge! As you may have heard in the video, the Monster Hunter Podcast and Well-Done Podcast will be working week after week to generate interest in this title. We've gotten the support from Capcom to build interest, and that will come in the form of a real "Monster Hunter Festa" for the West.

Here's how to help:

1. Post in this thread! Talk about what you loved most in the previous Monster Hunters, or what you're looking forward to most in MHP3!

2. Go to Facebook! Like the page, and make a point to direct your friends to the link. Remember, Monster Hunter Tri and Unite can both be found for less than $20!

3. Tweet on Twitter!!/_monster_hunter By including #MonsterHunter or #MHP3 in your tweet, we can actually get that message trending. With enough work, we can get Monster Hunter a ton of exposure!

Stay tuned to the two podcasts and the Capcom Unity blog for information on winners and developments:

Good luck, and have a good hunt!"

Just wanted to inform you guys.

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