The huge, rare, ancient dragon few have seen by hunters.He lives in cold areas like swamp but not in snowy mountines.

The old hunters say that blood on his mought, horn and spikes are blood of Deimonium because Deimo lives in desert but Tyragnator in swamp.Fighting with deimo Tyragnator took a heavy damange and theres blood oh his body.Theres a new species of Tyragnator Golden Tyragnator. He is much stronget than this and lives in hot areas like lava. Tyragnators are very aggressive and can underground like Monoblos.

Breakable things : Horns and spikes Tyragnator's Blood horn Tyragnator's Large spikes

Cut off : tail 3 carves Tyragnators Tail

Droppings : Wyvern droppings,sobs and tears

Carves :

Head 3 times : Armored scale

Armored shell

  Fierce talon

Body 3 times : Armored scale

Armored shell

Large monster spikes

Lower body 2 times : Armored fang

Armored claw

Weakness : thunder on his head and belly { belly is weakest point }

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