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Deimonium the ancient monster that lives only in desert.Deimonium means {Destroyer}.He eates rocks { like Gravios } and leaves haos and destruction behind him. There's a legend about a hunter that killed this monster and after killing Deimonium the lava was destroyed. trying to get out of there our hunter was ............dead

Carves :

Head : Tyran's scale Still not painted him ^_^

Tyran's shell

Tyran's heart

Body : Tyran's scale

Tyran's shell
Fericious claw

Fericious fang

Claws and Fangs : Fericious claw

Fericious fang

Tail can be cutten off and you can carve it 3 times Tail : Tyran's Tail

Tyran's scale

Tyran's shell

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