The strong heavy brute dragon with massive legs that lives in lava and can be founded near fortress.When he is in rage mode flames on his body,lightning on his horn will flash and crack on his wings wil appear.When you broke his horn he can't use lightning strikes.

Rewards for breaking :

Horn : Lightning horn

Spikes : Brute spikes

Wings : Broken Brute wings

Cut off :

Tail {3 times} :Brute's Tail

Carves :

Head : Brute Scale

Brute Shell

Brute Head

Body : Brute Scale

Brute Shell

Fericious Heart

Claw : Brute Claw

Wings : Brute Wings

Movements :

Roar: Brutus will shake his head like Monoblos and Roar

Charge attack:He will charge At hunter like Rathalos,emiting strong firestream

Round Attack :He will attak you Circeling If you're near at him

Body Charge:He will attack you like plesioth does it

Lightning Strike:He will Shake his head and lightning strikes will stike you like Kirin does.

Gas Bomb: He will bomb around him like Gravios does it

Fire Steam he stamps both feet first. Brutus's head moves up, then goes back down and unleashes a beam of fire. It can also emit Fire Gas at the end of the beam if he is in rage mode

Bite: He will bite like tigrex.This is then perfect chance to give him some hit

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