About a week ago i was thinking about to draw a new dragon.So i was thinking and thinking and suddently a thing come in my mind to create a new dragon typeDinoDragons.I haven't done completely they're description. I've drew 3 dragons.And so a little about them :

DinoDragons the species of dragon that lives in water or in hot areas.They're movements are not too fast and not too slow.Some of them can fly but some of them can't.DinoDragons have twin tails and they are perfect swimers.They are not aggreasive but in rage they are very strong and fast.DinoDragon's will often attack you with Fire/water blasts or shots

Here are 3 my DinoDragon creations :
  • DinoDragon that lives in water.His name is Hydrogedon { Hydrogenium-water} His twin tails give him ability to swim fast.
  • Thr brute DinoDragon that lives in Desert.He is very sensitive,his black things on hisheadand back can sense everything.
  • The red coloreddragon that lives in wingsgives him opportunity to fly very high.
  • Piradon-Beautifull DinoDragon
  • Abadox-Poison dinodragon

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