This Quest was hard for first time.

Because :

1.Anoying legs Of Shen Gaoren

2.Theres not much time

3.Shen destroyes very fast The Fortress

4.Not enough strong weapons

I used all my weapons SnS,Ls,Ds,Gs,Bow,HBG,

But in one day One man helped me a lot.He was Adrian Carino! {Carinodren} his accout

He said "Use Full tigrex armor and Anvil hammer"

But i used Full tigrex And Striped striker Tigrex hammer {you can get it klling tigrex}

And tomorrow i killed him.I was very happy. i remember that was 3 June 2010

but now its easy to me. my strategy was like this:

Hitting his leg until they're finaly get red, when he's going to fire an acid blast use dragnator

when he falls triple pound his face,use balista S and triple pond his tongue {his weak place}

And Special Thanks To Adrian Carino And my Monster hunter

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