So a quice status update on my progress of MH2D.

  • I found sprites for most of the Monsters i want to include, but they only face south so I am going to have to edit them to be more mobile
  • Began re-learning Ruby to better work on this combat system
  • Began working on the item Database
  • Finished the first version of the first new map, Dried River. Pic below is of the base area
  • still working out the kinks in th ecombat system in my mind.. but so far it seems good

Dried River Base

The first version of the Dried River base

Goals for next week.

  • Make Arena Map
  • Get most of the mosnters drop/carve items databased
  • Finish the item database

So far this project seems to ge going well enough. I am still looking for people who are interested in doing some sprites for the Village. I'm thinking Desert/Oasis Trading Village, almost like a smaller Lok-Lak

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