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  • SilkyZ

    So a quice status update on my progress of MH2D.

    • I found sprites for most of the Monsters i want to include, but they only face south so I am going to have to edit them to be more mobile
    • Began re-learning Ruby to better work on this combat system
    • Began working on the item Database
    • Finished the first version of the first new map, Dried River. Pic below is of the base area
    • still working out the kinks in th ecombat system in my mind.. but so far it seems good

    Goals for next week.

    • Make Arena Map
    • Get most of the mosnters drop/carve items databased
    • Finish the item database

    So far this project seems to ge going well enough. I am still looking for people who are interested in doing some sprites for the Village. I'm thinking Desert/Oasis Trading Village, al…

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  • SilkyZ

    If you are wondering where the next Ultimate Guide to Bows: Advanced Tactics is, it’s on the way, calm down.

    However, I am here today to ask for help from the MH Wiki community for aid on a new summer project that I am working on. This is an idea that was brewing in my head for a while and I figure now is as good time as any to put into reality. I present:

    MH2D will be a top down RPG modeled translation of the Monster Hunter franchise. It is purely fan-based, with all respects going to CAPCOM for the inspiration. The game will be made in RPG Maker VX Ace, a Ruby based game builder that I've been playing around with. It will feature new maps, areas and villages by my own design and a new combat system that should blend the traditional MH comb…

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  • SilkyZ

    Plesioth is a wyvern that most veteran hunters will know by heart. It has been around since the first Monster Hunter game and it re-appears in MH3U. It is infamous for its Hip-Check attack and its love for frogs.

    Being that Plesioth first appears as a High Rank monster; you most likely have reached HR3 in the Guild. If you haven't already, fight Rathalos until you get a full set of the 'los gunner armor. (If you don't know how to fight one, go here) Gemming this set will give you unbelievably good stats and skills to fight Plessy. Attack Up (M), Pierce Up , and Fire Attack (1); all three will bring out the full potential of the Arco Unu (R). While the official weakness is Lightning, Fire will work almost equally well. Since this is a High r…

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  • SilkyZ

    The Crimson Qurupeco is a subspecies of the original Qurupeco. It has red feathers and instead of creating fire from its flints, it creates an electrical spark. They also are faster and stronger than their cousin and can roar loud enough that you need Earplugs to block it. Below is my advanced guide to bringing down one of these tricksters.

    Being that Crimson is a High Rank monster; you most likely have reached HR3 in the Guild. Take some time and do some gathering quests to upgrade your weapons and armor so you can be better suited to take on these more difficult quests. Crimson is weak to Ice so the Arko Unu (W) should be the bow you use. It is relatively simple to upgrade and well worth the time grinding for the Bnaha Carapaces. As far a…

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  • SilkyZ

    To continue to expand the knowledgebase of Bow users, I will be posting new expanded tactics, topics and guides in my blog as the Ultimate Guide to Bows: Advanced Tactics (UG2B:AT). Please continue to comment both on the UG2B post and these AT posts topics you want covered, expanded, or to just be heard.

    The King of the Skies can be a daunting monster to fight, especially if it is your first time fighting him. He has powerful attacks and stays in the air for extended periods. However, armed with the right knowledge, skills and bow, you will be able to knock the Rathalos off his throne.

    You will first encounter 'Los after your defeat Lagiacrus, save Kayamba, and unlock the Ancient Mask. By this time you should have the materials to craft the …

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