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What would be badass in MH

Know what would be bad ass if we could fight monsters with moves from Nightmare, Sephiroth, Cloud, and more. I mean with all the weapons we could use, imagine all the combinations of damage the moves can do. Also like in mhfu how you get a felyne partner, it would be awesome if u can have any monster of course depending the monster itself can be a partner, like for myself I would have Akantor, ultimate power and destruction. Now dual wielding, I know ppl can use 2 regular sized blades to fight but what about ANY 2 weapons? The combination of 2 different weapons could be limitless, like a GS+LS or GL+L or just 2 hammers and cause hell. Finally, I would like a quest where u fight EVERY monster but u can kill them w/ 2-3 shots w/ any weapon but they can kill u with 2. I mean it would be a pain in the ass but in the end if beaten u would get 20 of EVERY type of carve of course the monster respond time would have to be 5 secs because of all the monsters and the other colors of those monsters. Theres alot more I could talk about but I think this is enough for now.

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