Got Tri 11 days aftr it kame owt. Bad-ass but I wish that some monsters only online kan also b fot offline right away and some wepns for japan only were also in the us/eur version. Few frends pissd but hey wut kan u do. Still (sic) tho to play. Dont undrstand y sum ppl say it sux. Maybe they dont hav patience for it, maybe its the controls, who knos but them. Anyways finishing up offline then going straight to online so u kno. If any1 knos how to get a gigionox's maw or whatevr it can be useful hopefully. Jumbo Pearls still hard to get, had 1 once but accidentally sold it or sumthin (long time ago). If theres a way to get it fastr that would be great. If I'm online, hopefully I can b useful or any of u's kan b useful 2 me but no matter u kno just goin to kik sum ass 4 a bit b4 I do. Dont care who, I'll accept any1 2 b in my group, n00b or pro, dusnt mattr.

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