A Blk. Gravios roams around the volcanic belt in search of some food(I think its rock idk) and comes across the hill where rocks began to fall and a Uragaan rolls down where both then meet i2i. Fustrated that Uragaan came into Gravios' territory, he began to charge his death beam. Realizing wut Gravios wus about 2 do, he began to roll towards gravios, and gravios then fires his beam, the speed and velocity of uragaans roll atk counters w/ the beam leaving at a stand still until 1 of them breaks. Both feeling exhausted, both ended their atks and charged at each other. Gravios hitn uragaans face w/ his tail sends him spinnin leadin him to hit gravios w/ his own tail. Gravios knokd down, Uragaan lifts his boulder-like chin and smashes the left leg of gravios causing it to wale in pain. Finally right b4 uragaan finishes gravios, he uses his death beam and knocks uragaan to a pit af lava where there is no escape and leaves him to wait and die. Unfortunately, Gravios wus still injured that he ended fallin every few steps. Eventually he found a food source and began to consume until it fell to a deep sleep to recovery.

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