Somewhere in an area where fire and ice meet, a group of giaprey and ioprey chase a couple of apceros. Down towards what seemed to be a mountain corner of ice, both monsters were cornered ready to give their last stand until out from a distance a grayish blue object emerges out from the ice onto the land. It was Ukanlos. As the great white tyrant rose, both groups of preys stand their ground ready to fight for their food and without a moments notice, from the rear came a gigantic roar blasting both the preys and the apceros from the ground and into the icy cold water. Ukanlos looked to see what had caused it and saw another monster but bigger, walking from the pits of fire and ash came Akantor, the tyrant of fire. Both monsters eyes meet contact, both laying out a devastating roar that can make most wyverns flee with fear, and when their roars had ended, both tyrants charged straight towards one another. Getting closer and closer both monsters had collided against each other, Ukanlos backs up and shovels a large ball of ice and swings it towards Akantor. Akantor stepped back from the impact of the blow and lets out a wind tunnel roar knocking over Ukanlos and charges over sending Ukanlos to the side. Ukanlos gaining balance burrows into the ground, swims, and out under Akantor he sprang up knocking Akantor back with a crucial blow. Getting ready to fire its ice beam, Akantor quickly gets up and digs into the ground as the beam fires only touching the tip of Akantors tail. Ukanlos walking towards the volcanic area with great caution, splashes of fire came out little by little all around Ukanlos causing it to fall over towards a wall, and moments later Akantor had reemerged itself into the surface. Ukanlos still knocked over, Akantor with its large fangs rammed and pierced through Ukanlos' shell, now lifting its heavy body and tossing it into the large pit of magma, now only cries of pain and agony can only be heard until there was nothing but silence. Akantor was the victor of the battle, and then later set off back into the volcanic belt where another story shall await. -END-

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