To who ever would like to read this.
 From my past exp. owning a felyne is a wonderful thing. They lure, knock over, and even slice
threw your oponent. If you dont have one yet, i suggest you get one from the old lady near your
house that sells felynes. My felyne is level 20 if you dont know yet. His name is drew and he
is a scrapper. May not be the strongest felyne, but he gets the job done. I'm working on getting'
 the Supremacy Blade. It looks really cool, and hits 960, and its a long sword.XD To get it,
you will need Daora Tail(4), Teostra tail(4), and Striped Skin(10). Telling you what it is will
be the easy part, getting it will just plain suck. I'm Bloging to tell you what my little side-
Kick just did. I'v been fighting Kushala Daora and discoverd some good ways to come at it and 
beast the beast. You may think its soooooooo strong becouse of the wind. All you have to do is
poison it (which last for a good amount of time) stops the wind, and know all you have to do is
brake its horns on its head to permiitly stop the wind. While im fighting it, im wearing full
rathian set and Wyvern Blade "Verde". But thats not the best part! After i brake its horns,
my FELYNE came out from behind and cut its tail off!! (I'm in a state of shocking by my incoun-
ter...) Then for like the most part of the battle, drew keeps whaling on its head, and i count-
ed... drew knocked it down by himself 6 times... So now I think my little friend is on staroids.
This isnt the only monster this cat surprises me with. He kills 2 at a time...Giaprey, Velociprey
 ioprey, hermitaur, bullfango, conga, blanco, and even Melynx. What a wonderfull felyne.XD

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