I finnaly beat the old ladys quest's and now i have the old cat... That cat has some really fun quest, the the others are much more annoying then id thought... And im on the urchent quest for HR3... Soooooo annoying, please answer if you finished this quest on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite...Do you have to make his legs red 2s, 2s? I got his legs red 2s and he got to the end...i stab him with the pointy things, and his legs went back to regular....then i died... WTF???!!! How do i get ride of this pest? I'm so excitted to finish becouse i downloaded this quest where your in the arena and you have to kill 20 felynes or maxlynes, forget... But looks really cool... So can somone please give me a guied to kill the Shen Gaoren on HR3 urchent quest?? I would really like the advice...

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