Sentoryu Raven

aka Ashley

  • I live in England
  • I was born on February 14
  • I am Male
  • Sentoryu Raven
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  • Sentoryu Raven

    Well it seems not many people on the wiki are using the wiki chatroom. So I believe its time to make the chatroom, more prominent in the wiki. 

    The chatroom is a place to meet other hunters and chat about hunts, or anything else in general. the chatroom is welcoming to everyone, even if you don't play the game.


    if you have any questions about the IRC or want to read the rules, please read these.

    Customizing the Color of Your Font

    Some Keywords
    Type Description and Example
    bold bolds the words
    underline underlines the words
    fg changes color of the font
    bg changes color of the background

    There are a total of 16 colors to use on Mibbit Chat.

    The Colors
    Number Color
    0 White
    1 Black
    2 Dark Blue
    3 Green
    4 Red
    5 Grape
    6 Purple
    7 Peach
    8 Yellow
    9 Lime Green
    10 T…

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