When I first played monster hunter for the ps2 I wasnt sure what the hell I was doing.I remember killing my first monster which was the yian-kut ku.This may sound noobish but I actually got so frustrated on it I selected gunner gear and camped on top of the hill to shoot kut ku.It took me awhile but I killed him I thought I was the best hunter in monster hunter when I killed it,yeah right,When first went online to show off my kut ku armour everyone else made my kut ku armor look like crap.One guy online I had saw had fatalis armor so what did I do,I told him my armor was the best like the noob I am.He didnt take kindly to that and tld me I could suck it.AHHHH the good memories sometimes I miss those noob moments and epic fails.Sandman777 19:47, May 27, 2010 (UTC)Sandman

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