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Weekly Daora tips: Page 3

Hello again, guys ^^ !

Sorry for late, I have got a lot of things to do...

Today I think i'll give you tips about...


So, here are 5 tips for you ^^

How I kill a tigrex?

  1. When I'm in the desert, I shoot him(/her) with a rapid fire thunder s bowgun from a pillar.
  2. When he's(/she's) at the snow fields, use Longsword (thunder attribute) and flash bombs.
  3. Always bring the max number of ALL potions!
  4. Bring: shock traps(desert+snow fields) and pitfall traps(desert only!)
  5. Always sharp your weapon, when it's sharpness fall down
  6. And the last one: cut tail (first!) break claws (second! third!) and the head (last one!)
Hope i help you about Tigrex ^^ !
MH4-Tigrex Render 001


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