Hi! I'm Rusty, and that's my weekly blog.

Today, I will give you tips, how to beat...


So, i write 6 tips for you ^^

  1. Narga takes more damage in rage, so use sonic bombs on him.
  2. Break the wings, 'cause he make less damage with broken wings. Break it's head, too, and cut it's tail, because he can make you really angry with the tail swipes -,-".
  3. Bring a cat with flutes, because it can heal you when you ran out of potions, + he attacks (once my cat break Nargi's head xD)
  4. Bring a lot of: potions, mega potions, ancient potions, max potions ( if you are a beginner), bring power juices, steaks, paintballs (guild doesn't give you >_<), and whetstones.
  5. DON'T let him sleep.
  6. If you are a pro, you know it, but evade attacks (it's a bit hard, but not insane), rythmical moving is needed.

So, i hope i help you about narga ^^.

In the next week, i write about those monster, which is you write in the comments. I pick the best, and i will write about it ^^.

Thanks for reading ^^ !!!

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