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  • RustyDaora

    Hello again, guys ^^ !

    Sorry for late, I have got a lot of things to do...

    Today I think i'll give you tips about...


    So, here are 5 tips for you ^^

    How I kill a tigrex?

    1. When I'm in the desert, I shoot him(/her) with a rapid fire thunder s bowgun from a pillar.
    2. When he's(/she's) at the snow fields, use Longsword (thunder attribute) and flash bombs.
    3. Always bring the max number of ALL potions!
    4. Bring: shock traps(desert+snow fields) and pitfall traps(desert only!)
    5. Always sharp your weapon, when it's sharpness fall down
    6. And the last one: cut tail (first!) break claws (second! third!) and the head (last one!)

    Hope i help you about Tigrex ^^ !

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  • RustyDaora

    Hi! I'm Rusty, and that's my weekly blog.

    Today, I will give you tips, how to beat...


    So, i write 6 tips for you ^^

    1. Narga takes more damage in rage, so use sonic bombs on him.
    2. Break the wings, 'cause he make less damage with broken wings. Break it's head, too, and cut it's tail, because he can make you really angry with the tail swipes -,-".
    3. Bring a cat with flutes, because it can heal you when you ran out of potions, + he attacks (once my cat break Nargi's head xD)
    4. Bring a lot of: potions, mega potions, ancient potions, max potions ( if you are a beginner), bring power juices, steaks, paintballs (guild doesn't give you >_
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  • RustyDaora

    Weekly Daora tips

    March 7, 2013 by RustyDaora

    Hi Im Rusty, and this is my weekly tips and story blog. Today we talk about Ashen Lao-Shan lung.He's a boss at Nekoth, and at the hard guild quests.So, when you want to defeat him, read this ^^.


    1. Use a Heavy bowgun like Tigrex Skull.
    2. Always place the Anti-Dragon bomb
    3. Take the ballsita shots
    4. Use dragonator and ballista (when you're a pro, you doesn't need it ^^)
    5. And the last one: if you can, shoot him with cannon shots

    In the next week, I've gonna write about Nargacuga.

    Thanks for reading ^^ !

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