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Zeon: The Shadow Blademaster

Ronan9797 November 20, 2010 User blog:Ronan9797

The mountain was covered with fog then i felt a mysterious aura suddenly came out from nowhere a kushala daora attacked me with his wind ball severely damaging my health. I was about to die when He appeared with his legendary LS the Emperor Shadow blade with 560 dragon attribute, one slash killed the kushala daora i was amazed when he killed the kushala daora with his LS but i never saw his face because i fall unconscious. i woke up in our village they said that i was saved by Zeon The Shadow Blademaster.I was shocked because Zeon was a Legendary hunter known over the schrade region. he is a hunter that travels around the world finding and hunting rare elder dragons.I was on a quest when it happend my elder brother Jinro was missing during the fight with the Zereyuno some villagers told me that my brother was dead but i dont believe them because my brother was strong. I Ronan must embark on a quest to find the legendary elder dragon Zereyuno and defeat him to avenge my missing brother jinro.-----------END OF PART 1-----------

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