So, minions. They're a pain in the ass sometimes, but they can also be a huge help sometimes. So I want to hear all about the time your Cha-Cha or Felyne killed that rathalos or took off that diablos horn.

For example: I'm fighting the Lagiacrus, right, and I'm hacking away at his back. All of a sudden, he flips onto his back, and I'm all like "WTF just happened!?!?". Turns out my Cha-Cha (weraing the felyne mask) hit him in the foot with a bomb and broke the claws. That same quest, I'm stunned, and the Lagi is about to do that electricity ball attack, when Cha-Cha swims over with his big bomb on his back, and BOOM, blows up old Lagi's horns. The same quest again. Lagi's going to use the big shock attack, and again, I'm stunned. Cha-Cha throws a bomb and takes out tghe Lagi's back spikes. Seriously, I've never taken Cha-Cha for granted since then.

Anyways, now tell us your epic tale about your Cha-Cha/felyne taking a chunk out of that big monster.

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