As the name suggests, this is a new Elder Dragon idea. It is called the Maarin. It will (eventually) appear in my fanfic Blood of The Beast.


E.D.O Report

Thought to be the link between Flying Wyverns and Wyvernians, this Elder Dragon is the smallest, and the oldest. Living only on the sheerest peaks, it defends it's territory with ferocity. Highly territorial, it will take on even larger Elder Dragons. It can control blizzards, but it is unknown how it does this. The blade on it's tail drips with a poison that makes blood flow more freely from wounds. As no-one has ever survived being poisoned, no-one knows how to treat this poison, or what side-effects it has.

New Monster Design

Picture courtesy of Countjoe1.

Attributes: Ice, def.decrease, poison.

Weakness: Dragon, Thunder.

The Maarin only lives in a new area, The Snowspire Pinnacles.


<u>Claw swipe:</u> Swipes in front of it with Front claws. Low damage.<u></u>

<u>Jump swipe:</u> Leaps forward and swipes with front claws. Up to three times. Med damage from each swipe.

<u>Spin:</u> Spins 180 degrees and hits with tail. Up to twice. Med-High damage from each attack and will inflict poison and def.decrease.

<u>Blizzard:</u> Flaps wings, creating a small blizzard (like Barioth) around itself. Low damage and inflicts iceblight and snowman.

Elder Blizzard: Flaps wings, creating a blizzard that rages all over the area. Small ice-balls fly around the area that deal small damage from each hit as well as iceblight.

<u>Snowball:</u> Throws a small snowball. Can be in air or on land. Up to three times. Low damage from each with iceblight and snowman.

<u>Dive:</u> Dives out of the air. Can either land or keep flying. High damage.

<u>Blizzard spear:</u> Flaps wings, Creating a blizzard tornado. Can be in air or on land. If from air then it will land again. Longer than average animation. High damage with iceblight and snowman.

<u>Straight dive:</u> Dives vertically onto the hunter from the air. Only uses this attack when in rage mode. Gets its claws pinned in the ground for 5 seconds after attacking. Very high damage.

<u>Spin dive:</u> Does a dive, anding with a 180 degree spin. High damage with poison and def.decrease.

<u>Elder dive:</u> Flies high into the air, only leaving a shadow to tell where it is. An elder blizzard picks up, and the shadow moves around until it is on top of the hunter. Five seconds later it straight dives down, surrounded by a blizzard, that upon impact, spreads to 1/4 of the area's size. The blizzard causes Med damage as well as iceblight and snowman, and being hit directly<u></u> with the dive is OHK. Will taunt afterwards. Rarely does this attack in rage mode, and even then only after it has taken enough damage

Roar: Signals that it is entering rage mode. Needs Earplugs to block. May cause iceblight depending on how far away you are.

I haven't finished yet, will add more when I get the time to.

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