• Richcan2

    The Meeting (New Story...)

    November 12, 2009 by Richcan2

    (This story is a tale of the daily adventures of three hunters. I am one of them, my friends are the others. My character's name is Turtle. He wears a full set of Obituary U armor with the S series color red.  My friends names are May, the female character played by a guy, and Anubis, another male playing a male character. Anubis wears full Rathalos armor and may wears an eyepatch with random armor. We're not really sure what it is and haven't bothered to ask. These tales take place in Pokke Village and beyond)

    In the small quiet Pokke village, three hunters were fated to meet. Turtle, the Long Swordsman, Anubis, the Gun Lancer, and May, who switches weapons from time to time. It was a usual day in the Hunter's Guild hall...

    Anubis, gunlance…

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  • Richcan2

    What in the Hell?!

    November 11, 2009 by Richcan2

    I just read that Monster Hunter Tri isn't coming out for PSP and much less importantly PS3. I read that it's only coming out for the Wii in the US. This greatly pisses me off. Me and my friends are really really hoping that this game comes out not just for Wii, but PSP as well. Can anyone bring me some relief?

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