• Redwing12345

    Going Bow Huntin

    June 7, 2012 by Redwing12345

    hi its me again and i want to know what some (high R not G R) armor and bow would be good for the high R Gravy aka Gravios would be? MHFU.......if u can help that would be Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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  • Redwing12345

    Hay its me again and I what to no your Best Monster Hunter moment. it can be anything form finishing a armor set to the best doge you ever come on and post because i want to know!

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  • Redwing12345

    Fav Skills

    June 4, 2012 by Redwing12345

    Hi people of the wiki this is my first blog and i was woundering what armor skills u guys like to use and y?

    or u can pic from the poll.

    Poll:Fav skills

    I would also like to mention lagiacrus razer of hell he is just starting as well so if u could give his blogs a read that would be great.

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