• RedSatiin


    May 2, 2011 by RedSatiin

    Doing some much needed Menu translating.. Just finished the Blacksmith menu and the main item box.. Have many more in the future So keep an eye out for them.. Todays work is done with the following pages completed:

    Gypseros Weaknesses

    PurpleGypseros Weaknesses

    GypserosSP Weaknesses

    Translation - Blacksmith Menu

    Translation - Main Item Box

    I plan on doing at least one more main boss it's Variants and it's SP Tomorrow as well as at least two more menu's. Hopefully at this rate I can say I'm done with Boss weaknesses within a few weeks.. And the menu's in a few days.. Since I've already translated them and have them in my personal database transfering it to the wikia for all to benefit should not be to difficult. To say the least I am glad to be b…

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  • RedSatiin

    Just my Notes...

    April 30, 2011 by RedSatiin

    Frontier Project: Add Frontier Analysis for each monster and Minion

    Tracking Pages:



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