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Bomb Mining Item guide

Ratharex1 October 22, 2010 User blog:Ratharex1

Bomb Mining

Bomb Type Ore Jewels Stones
Small Barrel bomb Iron

Small Barrel Bomb + Nova Crystal,Mellange(G), Eltalite(H) Battle Field

Bounce Bomb

Bounce Bomb+ Dragonite, Machalite battlefield

Ryl Armor sphere, Tru Armor Sphere
Large Barrel Bomb Dragonite, Ice Crystal, Machalite, Iron, Earth Crystal

Armor Stone

Large Barrel Bomb + Carbalite, Rainbow, Eltalite, Dragonite, Light Crystal, Pure Crystal, Union ore Akito True Armor Sphere, Hrd Armor Sphere, Armor Sphere +, Hvy Armor Sphere.Armor Stone

  • This Chart Follows a Fully Upgraded Mining point however many materials Obtained here can be obtained in earlier levels. (NOTE the materials that are obtained via G rank(7-9) and High Rank(5-7) will be labeled with either a G(G rank) or H(High Rank) Rank means your Hunter Rank

Chart by Ratharex1 22:34, October 22, 2010 (UTC)

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