• Ratharex1

    Bomb Mining Item guide

    October 22, 2010 by Ratharex1

    Bomb Type Ore Jewels Stones
    Small Barrel bomb Iron

    Small Barrel Bomb + Nova Crystal,Mellange(G), Eltalite(H) Battle Field

    Bounce Bomb

    Bounce Bomb+ Dragonite, Machalite battlefield

    Ryl Armor sphere, Tru Armor Sphere
    Large Barrel Bomb Dragonite, Ice Crystal, Machalite, Iron, Earth Crystal

    Armor Stone

    Large Barrel Bomb + Carbalite, Rainbow, Eltalite, Dragonite, Light Crystal, Pure Crystal, Union ore Akito True Armor Sphere, Hrd Armor Sphere, Armor Sphere +, Hvy Armor Sphere.Armor Stone

    • This Chart Follows a Fully Upgraded Mining point however many materials Obtained here can be obtained in earlier levels. (NOTE the materials that are obtained via G rank(7-9) and High Rank(5-7) will be labeled with either a G(G rank) or H(High Rank) Rank means your Hu…

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  • Ratharex1

    Rathalos Hunt Story

    April 29, 2010 by Ratharex1
    A slight breeze flows across the land and blows my hair across, my helmet no longer with me as it was knocked off my head earlier and was destroyed preventing my earplug skill, I get up from the ground to look for my fellow hunters, but instead I see the creature that attacked me. It was a large bulky wyvern, Its Scales Shined Lava red in the suns beam. Wings damaged from the fight it reared its large head back and roared. In panic I cover my ears dropping my guard, without my earplugs the creatures roar blasts my eardrums leaving me open. I see the monsters eyes look in my direction teeth gleam in the light I knew it was about to launch a devastating Fireball when I hear the sound of a horn. I look past the creature and saw my comrades…
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