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  • Raptorhunter6

    here it is chibi Kirin and kelbi!!! i might color it 2day or 2morrow if u guys would want to c the pic coloured. its no prize winners like countjoe's or kaiserlos but meh i did wat i could

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  • Raptorhunter6


    May 12, 2011 by Raptorhunter6

    Natalgiacrus is a leviathan who inhabits the Flooded Forest. It uses the horns to swing its prey and the green and brown color is for camouflage when hunting. It has a long tongue that it can use to wrap around its prey after flinging it into the air. It mainly feeds on Zuwaroposus and Kelbis. It doesnt have minions and mainly fights alone but can be fought dually. This monster would make a good flagship b/c it would be as strong as the other flagship monsters and has differing attacks making it a strong foe.

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  • Raptorhunter6


    May 8, 2011 by Raptorhunter6

    Kelbidrome-A beast whose legend is now known as a humorous joke, but only those hunters who have ever faced it know its true legend.Once a docile creature, the Kelbidrome is now a dangerous advecary to those who find it. It is said that it inhabits the sacred forest where it reigns with a whole crap-load of Kelbis. Now, it only comes out of its slumber when he finds that the Kelbi population in the Sacred Forest is low. It will come out to terrorize the threat away and put up a fight if necessary. Its dangerously strong sharp bones and its poisonous tail make it a major threat.The reason for the poisonous tail is because of the toxins found in the cave where it usually sleeps in.

    Its hide is extremely strong, and it requires a weapon with …

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