So Monster Hunter in Japan has had Pariapuria for a while ne? The KR Frontier gets stuff later then them if im not mistaken. We on the KR one JUST got Pariapuria, so they must have had it for a long while ne? Why is it that there was no information?! I had hunted quite an extensive amount of them since the release yesterday and I felt I may as well share what I have learned with the Wikia! I did my best to edit and add as much as I could. I hope everyone is happy with what I had to add. I really worked hard on it! I even had to go back and add more a few times because I had forgotten what I wanted to add. lol

I'll be fighting them for a while. When I get more information I'll add it! Currently trying to figure out how to get one of the shells. I cant seem to get them! Hm... We'll see ne? Once I figure it out I may add an item section on it telling how to get certain items from them. Anyway, thats all for now! Enjoy the Pariapuria page!

- Ramen

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