Well, I'm one three day's two weeks into Freedom Unite. Here's my progress

Armor: Full Hermitaur U

Favourite Weapon - Centenarian Dagger, Hellstriker+, Dragonbreaker+

Giadrome - First try. No threat :)

Velocidrome - See above

Gendrome - See above

Kut-ku - Died twice but still beat him on my first try

Congalala - Died once. Still first try kill

Cephadrome - First try. No deaths =P. Kind of want his armor may go for it. (EDIT: I did)

Khezu - Currently stuck on him. He was my first game over. I feel ashamed :( (EDIT: At 11:51 on the same day I have killed it. I was in full battle armor and used my giadrome DS.)

Daimyo Hermitaur - First try slaughter. Hammers really make this guy easier then R. Lud

Plesioth - :| "Can you come out pleeeeease?"

Gyperos - Wait a sec. . . that wasn't a kut-ku? Dang. . .

Blue Kut-ku - STOP. . . It's hammer time

Iodrome - It's a cannon fodder drome, what more can I say?

Blongonga - Wow I hate this guy. I pwned him on the village elder urgent first try. Yet every time I fight him on the guild urgent I game over. Using the same equipment. Very annoying.

Shogun Ceanataur - It's a daimyo with more range. Died once but still a first try kill. Do I go for this armor or monoblos? Comment plz

Monoblos - This thing just wouldn't die. I used my Iron Striker + and killed it but it took 40 mins. I died once but still not bad.

Yian Garuga - Another Kut-ku. REALLY? A little sick of this guy.

Tigrex - Hardest I faced. Two game overs and I was ready to throw my game out the window. I brought out a hammer for the third timer and beat him 40 minutes in with one death. Not as easy as I was told :|

Diablos - Monoblos clone. Easier then Tri but not by much

Lao Shan - Easy. Never killed him though any hints on that?

Chameleos - Fave elder dragon. Really fun to fight. I farmed him to make Kushala way easier.

Kushala - Easy once I had my Chameleos set. Hard until.

Luna/Teo - Easy once I had my Kushala set. Easy without. I just like Kushala for its looks.


Shen - I invested in a bowgun for this one. Made short work of him.

Kirin - Meh. I would always win but I would also always cut it close. I can see why bowgunning works on him.

And that's it for now. I'll continue to update this as I do things

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