aka PrimaldragonJake

  • I live in "Somwhere over the rainbow"
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is Student and Monster Hunter Fanatic
  • I am Male
  • PrimalRathalos

    Primal Rathalos: I am a huge fan of dragons. I am very new to monster hunter, having only played Tri. However i have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I read the wiki endlessley, it is one of my two only sources of MH knowledge. I doubt the franchise will stop appealing to me any time soon!

    I'm a bit stuck on what to write here, so i'll tell about my favourite monsters: though come to think of it, i have no idea what to choose, so i'll make a list (not including any subspecies):





    And Zinogre.

    I don't really like a specific type of monster (except for awesome looking)

    I am a user of both Longsword and Switch axe. I love the satisfaction of getting a really good hit with a switch axe, or unleashing an elemental dis…

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