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    Monster Hunter on 3DS?!!!!

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a sequel to the Wii title Monster Hunter 3, and is the localized version of Monster Hunter 3 G on the 3DS. MH3U was announced at this year's Nintendo Direct conference for the 3DS and Wii U, with the Wii U having updated graphics. The game as been confirmed to arrive by Capcom's Dubindoh from Capcom-Unity. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe during March 2013.

    Capcom will be providing more information as the release date draws near.


    • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is known as Monster Hunter 3G in Japan.
      • The Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is known as Monster Hunter 3G HDver.
    • The underwater features that were not present in Monster Hu…

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  • Plexioth- xD

    Have you ever had a time where the game had an epic fail that made you crack up with laughter? Well here's a few of mine.

    1. A Deviljho started nomming of the captured body of a Qureopeco. (Did this with the wiki user TigrexJeff)

    2. 2 Melynxs tried to attack me and as when both jumped up to attack one whacked the other in the face and killed it.

    3. A Mosswine charged at me and killed a G-rank Terra Shogun Cenetuar just as it was about to make me faint.

    I've had more, some I probably don't remember either after playing MH for over a year but I ask you to plz comment back your funniest MH experineces. I'll comment my own if any more come up or I remember one.

    Cheers, Plexioth- xD

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