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I recently recieved the MH3G Ecology Books for Barioth and Ivory Lagiacrus. The books are very similar to the Portable 3rd Ecology books for Zinogre, Brute Tigrex, Duramboros and Green Nargacuga. Anyway, now for the scans:


Ivory Lagiacrus

As with the P3rd Ecology Books, a figurine of the featured monster is also included. For those unaware, each P3rd Ecology Book also contained parts of an Amatsumagatsuchi figurine, which could be completed if all 4 books were purchased. Instead of doing the same thing again (Dire Miralis would have been the most likely candidate), both figurines have a different head and tail, made to display the monster's appearance when its head has been broken, and its tail severed. Here are the photos I took of them:

The books can be bought from here:

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