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As you may be aware, Capcom have recently released Ecology Books for four of the monsters in Portable 3rd; Zinogre, Brute Tigrex, Duramboros and Green Nargacuga. These books, as the name implies, have an ecological summary of the monster. They also each have a figurine of the monster, and parts of an Amatsumagatsuchi figurine, which can be completed if all the books are bought.
I will get to translating the text eventually, but for now I'll just upload some of my scans. Unfortunately, my scanner isn't large enough to handle the double-page images (as you can probably tell by that fourth Zinogre picture), but I'll try to get a photo of them soon.

Zinogre Brute Tigrex Doboruberuku
Nargacuga Subspecies

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