I recently purchased the Monster Hunter "Card Master" art book, and have uploaded some scans below. I will upload one image of each 3rd Generation monster over the next few days (as well as update this blog with a bit more information). There are three main sections: Hunters, Felyne Comrades and Monsters. Click on images to expand them.


In an effort to make this blog look a little less empty, I'll list some questions that I expect some people may want to know the answers to:

What monsters have images in this book?
All monsters from the main series from all generations up to 3rd Generation except: Fatalis (all types), Lao-Shan Lung (both types), "Rare Species" of monsters, Jhen Mohran Subspecies, Alatreon, Ceadeus Subspecies and Guran-Miraosu.

Are there images of minions/other small monsters?
Yes, but I don't plan on uploading them, unless people really want to see them.

How many pages is the book?
The book slightly over 200 pages, with, on average, 5 images per page (it varies depending on the sizes of the images, some pages have just one large image, whereas others have about 10 smaller images.

What is "Card Master"?
This should answer most questions. And yes, it is only available in Japan.

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