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    The following is how to join a guild in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

    Look for and talk to this guy you see in the image below. He'll be at his desk next to the song maker in the upper right of Mezeporta Square by some tents.
    As highlighted, first press the 1st option.

    After picking the 1st option from step 1, pick the 1st option again on the next menu list for step 2 as highlighted.

    Choose the 4th option as highlighted above ID.

    Type in the name of the Guild that you wish to join. The shown example is the TailWhip Guild.

    Select the correct guild you're looking for. TailWhips leader at this time is Akito, the level of the guild is 16 and the last set of numbers is members.

    Press the middle option as highlighted to apply to the guild. Certain members…

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    Halk Republic (MHFG)

    December 7, 2014 by Pike-The-Ninja

    The "Halk Republic" is a Guild/Hunting-Team/猟団 mostly populated with English speaking players. The Guild leadership is always changing or no one really cares as long as the one in charge does his/her guild leader duties. Our purpose in making a guild is to make a peaceful, drama free, English speaking, fun community for players who are foreign to Japan. Allowing everyone to know what they are doing without getting lost or confused from not knowing how to speak or write Japanese.

    The benefits of being in a English guild as a foreign player are as read bellow.


    A guild chat allowing you to speak with everyone in the guild form anywhere. Even in a quest all the way in another server room.

    Can openly ask for help from experienced players…

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    This guide is not gonna cover everything just some necessary basics mostly.

    Now first step you want your Gu-Ku! its simple kinda. First go to the caretaker cat in your farm(The one in the back of your farm usually holding a broom and keep note her clothes change the more Gu-Ku you have) talk to her(At least I think it's a "her") and she will tell you that you need to get a Gu-Ku egg!. 

    Now to get the egg talk to the Guild Master(Yes the smoking overly relaxed short old guy} and he will give you 5 quests to pick from each quest has a monster holding a egg in a way and each quest has a different color Gu-Ku in the eggs. 

    Now for the quests to complete the quests you must deliver a Gu-Ku egg to the red box.

    Quest 1: Quest 1 is in the Jungle and t…

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    "NOTE: This guide is currently outdated but still holds useful information"

    This guide is to help new players on "Monster Hunter Frontier G". Many people don't know what to do as soon as they get there they have no exact goals. As such many players may walk lost and confused having no idea what to do. This guide is to suggest ideas for those who have no goals in mind.

    ((Keep note that as a game that constantly updates and sometimes guides need to be updated after some time and this guide may or may not cover all the steps for the goals listed yet))

    Starting Goals:Make some starting armor, Make and upgrade a starting weapon, Train and feed my Halk, Get a pet Gu-Ku, Reach HR51 to pick a girl for your Tore(Its like a second garden) so you can ge…

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