Have you ever thought of a new monster attack idea, if yes put yours here.

Here are my ideas:

-Diablos - "Drunken Horn Charge". It will shake its head while charging. its head shake will end after the charge. this can cause extraordinary damage beacuse the Diablos shakes its head while charging therefore it cause much damage. although its charge is slow so it gives the hunter time to escape.

-Khezu- "Leap Spit (after)". when he hits the ground after the leap attack, its gonna spit thunder balls.

"Leap Spit (before)". when its in mid-air while leaping, its gonna spit thunder balls in mid-air.

-Ukanlos- "Avalanche Roar". the Ukanlos roars but with a different style. hes not gonna roar while standing but hes gonna roar like a Tigrex-like position with a LOUDER roar i mean MORE LOUDER roar that can cause an avalanche killing hunters caught within the avalanche.

-Barroth-"Shaking Charge". the Barroth will charge while shaking causing a wide range of mud splatters.

-Royal Ludroth-"Water bomb Lunge". the Royal Ludroth will lunge while firing water bombs.

Whats your idea!

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