Phantom mirage 70

aka Kato (my last name)

  • I live in Phillipines
  • I was born on November 25
  • My occupation is none
  • I am Male
  • Phantom mirage 70

    i wanna thank this WIKIA for adding awards or badges. im sure every member of this WIKIA will work hard to gather tons of BADGES. right now i already got some badges, and i will work hard to gather these precious badges. thanks WIKIA.

    Phantom mirage 70 09:00, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Phantom mirage 70

    Have you ever thought of a new monster attack idea, if yes put yours here.

    Here are my ideas:

    -Diablos - "Drunken Horn Charge". It will shake its head while charging. its head shake will end after the charge. this can cause extraordinary damage beacuse the Diablos shakes its head while charging therefore it cause much damage. although its charge is slow so it gives the hunter time to escape.

    -Khezu- "Leap Spit (after)". when he hits the ground after the leap attack, its gonna spit thunder balls.

    "Leap Spit (before)". when its in mid-air while leaping, its gonna spit thunder balls in mid-air.

    -Ukanlos- "Avalanche Roar". the Ukanlos roars but with a different style. hes not gonna roar while standing but hes gonna roar like a Tigrex-like position …

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  • Phantom mirage 70

    i always see monster fighting in blogs so i will make one.

    who will win!!!!!!

    monster no.1:Rajang. the golden,raging,fast,strong,Super Saiyan-like Pelagus.

    monster no.2:Tigrex. the fast,badass,flagship monster on MHF2.

    Area:Snowy Mountains

    Vote now!!!!!!

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  • Phantom mirage 70

    hi everyone, im HR 6 now.i wanna thank this page ([1] )for helping me rise to HR i defeated the dual Tigrex.and i wanna thank this Wikia for making that page.

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  • Phantom mirage 70

    i didnt know why ,but i failed in a Lao-Shan Lung quest, oh but thats not all, i failed the mission but the Fort Integrity was 90%. but.................WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? :(

    several weeks later, i killed a Lao-Shan Lung with a certain hammer with some certain items,which i will never tell,because if it told it, it will look like a guide!!!!

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