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Good weapons for mh3 monsters( bowguns not included)armor sets aswell

Weapons Alatreon path

  • hammer.deviljho hammer+ [helios/Selene helm+]
  • longsword.dark claw. [helios/Selene mail+]
  • sns.(sb or for power) baggi sns,barioth sns. [helios/Selene vambraces+]
  • lance.barioth lance. [helios/Selene coil+]
  • bowgun.(unknown) [helios/Selene greaves+]

Weapons Deviljho path

  • hammer.(unknown) [vangis helm],[Rathalos helm+]
  • longsword.dark claw.[vangis mail],[Rathalos mail+]
  • sns.any dragon element type sns [vangis vambraces],[Rathalos vambraces+]
  • lance.Alatreon lance. [vangis coil],[Rathalos faulds+]
  • bowgun(unknown) [wangis greaves],[Rathalos greaves+]

Weapons Ceadreus path

  • hammer.Deadeye Revolver [lagiacrus helm+]
  • longsword.dancing hellfire [lagiacrus mail+]
  • sns.(unknown) [lagiacrus vambraces+]
  • lance.Agnaktor firelance [lagiacrus faulds+]
  • bowgun(unknown) [lagiacrus greaves+]

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