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Best ChaCha/Felyne Kill Moments

We've all had them. That funny moment where your companion, be it ChaCha or your trusty Felyne, has a funny "death" or kills something in a funny way.

Mine would have to be when I was fighting Khezu. My Felyne raring to go. Pops up out of the ground... and right under Khezu's lightning sheild. Instant death again. XD Poor Arthur.

So, post your funny Felyne/ChaCha monster kill or their funniest deaths right here! Sure, it's morbid, but who cares? The Felynes deserve it with how many bombs they've hit you with!

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - Felyne -1-

Nyan nyan nyan nyan...

Acorn mask

You said I have to kill what?

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