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    All Monsters

    January 24, 2014 by PCAwesomeness

    OK. Since we've just talked about small monsters, this article will talk about mainly bosses, although I will talk a bit about small monsters as well. Well, here are these questions:

    What is your favorite monster from any generation?

    What is your least favorite monster from any generation?

    What monster has the best roar IYO?

    What monster has the worst roar IYO?

    What monster has the best theme IYO?

    What monster has the worst theme IYO?

    What was the scariest monster you ever encountered?

    Do you wish the minions had subspecies?

    What was your favorite generation, and why?

    What are you looking forward to in the next MH game?

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  • PCAwesomeness

    So, since there was so much going on about how small monsters were annoying, I decided to make this blog. However, this one not only covers if a monsters are annoying, it also talks about how chicken they are. I've seen people go on about how Kelbis are the scaredy-cats, and when I was watching videos about MH4, there was one video where the hunter had to get Gargwa eggs, and as soon as the Gargwa saw the hunter, they ran away, even though he wasn't trying to hurt them! Also, for annoyingness, I've seen people get mad at Velociprey, Genprey, Vespoids, Bullfango, Cephalos, Rhenoplos, Bnahabra, and Jaggi. So, what is the most annoying or pathetic small monster you've come across?

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