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MHFU Shen Gaoren Town trick (not fortress !)

Hello !

Can anyone answer my 3 questions that ONLY FEW Hunter can answer ?

1) Can you tell me what is the trick to get onto Shen Gaoren's Back in the Town ? (not the fort).

2) How to take 1000 hp from Shen Gaoren in the Town ?

3) It seems that there is a ballista shot trick to hit Shen Gaoren before it is within sight in the town. What is it ?

For question 1 and 2, there was a video (, but the link is dead...

So, are you belong to the very few Hunter who know this tricks ? If yes, I'm waiting your answer !

Note : - Someone leave this on the wikipage town for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (MHFU) :"There is also a trick to getting onto Shen Gaoren's back in the Town.". Also someone add "look at this video to show you how to take 1000 hp from him [1] take a look" (I take it from the revision as of 22:52, July 7, 2008 by Boltman31 from the MHFU town revision history).

- Note that I'm talking about Shen Gaoren in Town !!! (Town : 3 area, fight Shen Gaoren + Teostra + Rusted Kushala Daora only !) Not the Fort !!! (Fortress : 6 area, fight Ash Lao-Shan Lung + Lao-Shan Lung and Shen Gaoren only ! You have to wait area 5 to slay the monster).

- Most  important trick is the first one, then the second...

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