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    Cycle of life

    March 8, 2011 by Ohmpahkan

    Here I will try to convey the typical ecosystem functions of the MH world (read: animal ecologies, habits and relationships with the environment) in a realistic and documentary-like fashion, just because I'm bored. Will attempt to depict usual days in these monsters' lifes from an objective point of view. Because I can. Hell yeah.

    Snowy Mountains


    Outskirts of the mountains. The weather is much more warm here than in the top of the peaks. Grassy fields extend in the shores of a large, calm lake. A herd of Popo pasture in the dandelions that grow between the tall grass. These peaceful herbivores are distinguished by their woolen hair, which covers most of their bodies, and by their large tusks, bent upwards. It is a group of 6 individuals: …

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  • Ohmpahkan

    The purpose of this blog is to collect information about the changes made to Hardcore Monsters in MHFO. For those who don't know, Hardcore (or HC) monsters are just the same critters with an improved moveset and minor aesthetical differences. Traps only affect them for one or two seconds max, which makes them harder to capture, but status effects have the same duration as in normal species. They are thus far exclusive to Frontier .

    I will try to cover the new moves and behavior of HC monsters. However, as I don't own Frontier, most of the info will come straight from videos (AzureStarStone and kumu5568 are the best sources right now). Backup from someone who actually has the game and can battle these guys would be appreciated.

    Of course, onc…

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