==== Khezu Pointers

Weapon ideas are simple well if you are doing the urgent quest in the village.
On my new account ( I have two =D) I used the Iron Katana Gospel .. It takes a lot of mining but is worth it! If you like me had a thought about the twin Kut ku's as they are quick and have fire element then don't try it the sharpness well ... isn't a good plan. So my choice would be a longsword or if you like them greatsword or something sharp and powerful.
Now their is not much more to tell except about it's rage mode. it's highly deadly, it's electric jump can be critical if your armour is not well chosen. I used Genprey armour as it has thunder resistence not much but enough to survive the jump. Rage on a Khezu is shown when it's breath is visible it's breath will look sort of electrical. A khezu nearly always travels two areas so if it appears to be going from (in the snowy mountains), From area 6 to 8 the chance is it will go straight over to 7 =D. You will know if a khezu is weak from four traits. One is scaring appearing on it's legs, neck and back, The next is limping. The next one is he will trip ALOT... and finally he will become enraged ALOT ! and when he finally lands in area 3 then bang he is weak!

123steven below has made a comment on gunning so a big thanks to him... I am not the best gunner in the world so I did not know any tips for them except use ledges and watch out he can still reach you with his electric jump ! I am not the right person to ask with you want to know what gun to use 123steven may hve some advice =)
MHF2-Khezu Render 001

Khezu with scarring on the back.

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