aka Cameron T.

  • I live in Earth, Milky Way
  • I was born on February 4
  • My occupation is Hunter/Archive and Requip Mage In-Training
  • Noxa


    Weapon- Chrome Death Razor

    Armor- Obituary Testa S

    Obituary Petto S

    Obituary Mano S

    Obituary Anca S

    Obituary Ganba S

    A.K.A- Poison Beetle

    Quest: 7 Star-Guild

    Name- 'An Evening Soaked in Poison'

    Reward- 6000z Completed- 6000z

    Time- 50:00 Completed- 31:37

    Zone- Swamp (Night)

    Main Monsters- Iodrome


    Special Condition- HR 4 or up

    When I began the quest, I arrived in Zone 3 where it was cold. Therefore, I had to drink a Hot Drink before my stamina starts to drain itself out. Soon, I checked around the zone for my prey-- the Iodrome.

    Without any luck, I entered Zone 9 to check for it. That, too, was a failure. So, without any point for the main objective, I went to search for the Bulldrome while going through Zones 7 and 6. In both zones, I …

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