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Noobking87 September 23, 2010 User blog:Noobking87

So, I finally went out and bought Tri a while ago, finally curious enough about it. Didn't get a classic controller, though. Decided to stick with the basic wii-mote and nunchuck. Was in for quite a treat when I fired it up.

First off, the Moga Woods. I spent a lot of time in Gathering Quests on Unite, so having an area like that with UNLIMITED time to do whatever I wanted, was sweet. I spent HOURS there, learning the ropes of this game, such as how gathering points work (I kinda hate that random thing,) how underwater combat worked (which I absolutely LOVE!) and how the weapons handled.

Speaking of weapons, I was amazed at the fact that I started with only two weapons. TWO! Here I was, coming from Unite, thinking I'd get a bottom of the barrel version of all the weapons available. Heck, it took me a while to discover that I couldn't even have a Switch Axe made at that moment, which was the only weapon I was truly curious about. Finally unlocked it after saving Cha-Cha, cute little freak.

Oh yeah, Cha-Cha. Handy little bugger, and hilarious to listen to in the middle of a quest. I rather like him. I wonder if I can go back to Felynes after this. Guess we'll know when Freedom Three comes out, ne?

Now to hunting. I haven't gotten TOO far in, I spend too much time in Moga Woods, but monsters are a blast. I don't like how there's some straight "Capture" quests, though. Sure, I always did my best to capture a monster on Unite, but that was because it was a self-made challenge, not a requirement. I do like the sub-quest things. They're a fun challenge, especially with the random nature of the gathering points.

Well, that's what I've been up to in my long moments of silence. Trying out Tri. Man, I wish I learned of this series earlier than Unite, it's so good...

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