So I've recently starting hunting online in Monster Hunter Tri. I've even made it up to Hunter Rank 9 (which I know, doesn't seem a whole lot.) Let me tell you something, it's hard. I'm not used to hunting with other people. Cha Cha doesn't count. If I hit him with a spray of Pellets or what-not, or if he falls down in battle, big whoop. I continue on like nothing happened. Other players, on the other hand, are different.

For instance, here I am on a Royal Ludroth hunt, working on getting the Low-Rank Ludroth Armor (Gunner) set. I'm trying to set up a shot, but as soon as I get a good opening, there's sudenly a player in my sights, and I have to back off. When one of my fellow hunters health got too low (by my standards) and they weren't healing up, I had to switch ammo, and fire some Recovery Shots their way. All in all, I felt like I wasn't contributing too much to the fight.

Most recently, I was on a Rathian hunt, with a Long Swordsman and a fellow Gunner (which I thought was weird. Another player told me how rare Gunners were.) This battle had me stopping my onslaught (which was mostly Pierce Shots from wing to wing,) and chucking Recovery Shots at my other hunters quite a lot. Is it a rule that says the Gunner needs to be the healer? We killed her, mind you, though the other two hunters fainted once. I was just lucky, wasn't targeted all that often with something deadly or hard to avoid. Still, another Rathian kill under my belt.

All this ALMOST making me want to switch and go blading for a while. Seems like they've got less worries on their hands. Unfortunately, I don't exactly have the biggest cash of melee weapons OR armor, having built up Gunner stuff primarily. Maybe I'll spend some time offline, building up my gear...

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