To be honest, I hate fights like this. Long, pointlessly drawn out fights. But since it's the Festival of Fear, all anyone wants to do online is hunt Jhen. So, naturally, I get dragged along in a couple fights. Still in Low-Rank gear, having only made it to the Guild 2* quests, I find death happens way too often for my liking. Though my latest Jhen hunt actually ended without me dying, with only using a few Mega Potions, and a successful repel. I was with two other hunters, a hr85 guy who liked heavy boguns and that Alatreon long sword, and a hr31 guy who had a Jhen sword and shield. Boy did I feel rather pathetic. All I had on was some Jaggi armor, and a lance I fetched for that quest just to have it's huge shield.

They went on about breaking this part or using that, or when to hop on to mine or attack. Me, I stuck with a strategy a previous hunter told me to do when hunting Jhen in low-rank crap, fire the canon. A lot. So that's what I continued to do in this quest, fire the bloody canon. It did teach me a nice little area where I can "hide" from it's body swipes into the boat, the far corner near the canon balls on the opposite side of the beasty. That definitely help my potion usage out. There where a couple of times when it would do its big body slam that I dropped the ball and shielded, but some of those I got out scott free, having been missed. It's repetative, I tell you. Pick up ball, launch ball, pick up ball, launch ball, pick up ball, roll to drop ball, quick guard, pick up ball... But hey, at least I didn't die.

Maybe I'll enjoy fighting it when I get better gear...

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